Faith Encouragement

Faith Encouragement


Dear friends:  I encourage each of you to think about the books of faith you trust to tell you about your purpose, the importance of prayer, and how to be confident of eternal life.  Here are some questions that I hear about faith and some information which may help:


   1.  Is evolution science?  Is there evidence for intelligent designer?  I have researched growth factors, complex proteins that are responsible for the ability of cells to grow.  Through this study, I have become aware of just how deadly small changes are in these proteins, and how the design of these proteins is critical.  A "partially evolved" growth factor system would be incompatible with life.  This is just one of many examples demonstrating the inadequacy of the evolution theory.  While neither evolution nor intelligent design are "science" (since neither can be recreated by experimentation), both are theories, and their acceptance is based on observing the natural world for the best fit with those observations.  Click here for more information.



2.  Is there evidence that an intelligent designer spoke to us through one particular person or one particular faith?  This web page summarizes the evidence that religious leaders provided for claims that they made.  The evidence is compelling, and those that struggle with doubt will find this helpful.  Click here for more information.



3.  How can we be confident that an intelligence/future knowledge far beyond man's inspired the Old Testament, rather than the book being conceived by well-meaning men?  The Old Testament gives strong evidence for being inspired by an intelligent designer because it foretold specific modern medical disease prevention methods 3,500 years before confirmation by medical science.  For specifics, click here.






4.  Additional evidence of inspiration beyond man's abilities includes the predictions of the Old Testament prophets.  There were many predictions.  Were they correct, and what are the chances that their predictions may have come true by other means?  Here are two examples:  1)  Isaiah predicted 160 years in advance that Jerusalem would be destroyed, including the temple, and that a non-Jewish king named Cyrus would give a decree directing that Jerusalem and the temple be rebuilt.  2)  Ezekiel predicted 250 years in advance that the city of Tyre would be conquered by a non-Jewish leader, its rocks would be thrown into the sea, the area would be scraped so clean such that fisherman could spread out their nets on the site, and that it would never be built again.  Click here for more specifics.



5.  How about evidence that the New Testament was inspired by a source of future knowledge beyond man?  This is found in future predictions of Jesus himself.  For example, Jesus predicted that Jerusalem would be utterly destroyed, with not one stone of the temple left upon another (Matt 24:1-2), predicted that He would be killed in Jerusalem (rather than being attacked and stoned elsewhere)(Matt 16:21), predicted that Peter would deny Him three times within one 18-hour period (Luke 22:34), predicted that He would be crucified (Matt 26:1-2), predicted that He would be resurrected (Luke 16:21), and predicted that His words would not pass away (Luke 21:33).  Click here for specifics on the New Testament.


6.  It is also found in the fulfillment by Jesus of Old Testament prophecies (including many over which He had absolutely no control) about the Messiah against very large odds.  For example:  Born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:6), first-born male (Isaiah 7:14), temple intact when he was born (Daniel 9:26), and from the tribe of Judah and line of David (Jeremiah 23:5).  The Messiah would be called "Almighty God" and "Everlasting Father" and "Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:7).  His power would be through His words, not by military action (Isaiah 11:4-5).  He would be considered a priest, although not from the priestly tribe (Psalm 110:1-7).  Additionally, the messiah would be wounded and killed for our wrongdoing, and God was in control of this (Isaiah 53:5-6).  Click here for more information.  




7. Even if our book of faith was inspired by an intelligent designer, how can we trust that the original words have been accurately preserved from ancient times?  The method of copying of manuscripts is key to prevention of errors over time.  The method of copying for the Old Testament and the New Testament was via scribes, whose technique was unprecedented in its precision.  Scribes used a method of counting syllables and letters, and immediately destroyed any copy with even a minor error.  The Dead Sea Scrolls, unearthed in 1947, found Biblical texts dated 1000 years earlier than the 900 A.D. manuscripts of the Old Testament, and yet comparison showed word-for-word correlation identical in >95% of text (with the <5% variation consisting of obvious slips of pen and variations in spelling).  Therefore, no effect on the message occurred over the 1000-year period.  No other book had copying methods of such precision.  Click here for specifics.




8. Is there evidence of real power over death displayed in your book of faith to help you be assured of eternal life?  Jesus not only raised others from the dead with many witnesses (Luke 7:11-16), but did so after days in the grave beyond the point of early decomposition (John 11:39), and was the only religious leader to conquer death Himself, with a resurrection that had more than 500 witnesses over 60 days.  Jesus had a well-known grave site.  His grave was sealed, under penalty of death if the grave was disturbed.  More than 500 eyewitnesses saw Jesus alive in a number of settings and many touched the spear and nail marks that occurred during His crucifixion.  The disciples, who were in hiding after Jesus' death, suddenly became bold, and each went to their death (almost exclusively by execution) proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus.  Dr Simon Greenleaf, Royal Professor of Law at Harvard University, one of two men responsible for the rise of Harvard Law School, wrote the following:  "According to the laws of legal evidence used in the courts of law, there is more evidence for the historical fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ than for just about any other event in history."  Click here for specifics. 


9.  Summary:  There is compelling evidence for an intelligent designer, that this designer inspired the Bible (The Old and New Testament) in a unique and reliable way, that the Bible contains the only dependably preserved manuscripts from its era that could even hope to accurately transmit information from the intelligent designer, and that Jesus was the Messiah spoken of in the Old Testament.  Therefore, there is no comparable source of information we can get about why we are here and how to be sure of eternal life than there is from the Bible.  There is compelling evidence that Jesus was divine in a way no one else has ever evidenced.  The divinity of Jesus is the same divinity as His Father, as well as the Holy Spirit.  Click here to learn more about why this conclusion is logical, without implying polytheism (the belief in more than one god).


10. An Invitation:  It is useful to know that the New Testament was written so that people of ALL countries and races can be confident about eternal life and peace with God.  If you are interested in what the New Testament (Jesus and apostles) says about how to be sure of eternal life with God, click here.


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Additional Resources

  • For those who saw the "The Da Vinci Code", there is an excellent website that provides a detailed look at the claims made in the book and movie, when much of the story began (actually 1956), and how the evidence cited by the conspiracy theory proponents compares to the awesome evidence above.

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