Faith Encouragement: Incomplete Chemical Pathways

Complex Pathways Can't Assemble in Steps


A.  Lack of any one of thousands of complex chemical pathways would be deadly to life.

Thousands of complex chemical pathways are required to be present and ready to function at a moment’s notice to maintain life.  Ex:  Blood clotting involves 20-30 steps, and is vital to the organism.  To explain further, hemophiliacs usually just have one step altered in their clotting pathway, and will die prematurely unless they receive special transfusions.  Imagine if an organism with functioning blood has no clotting pathway at all.


B.  Lack of acid/base buffers would be deadly to even the simplest lifeforms.

Each living cell contains thousands of different chemicals, some acidic and some basic, and an intricate system of barriers and buffers that would have had to appear simultaneously and fully formed to prevent a myriad of harmful and even lethal chemical reactions.


K. Dean Reeves, M.D. is a physician and medical researcher in the area of pain caused by arthritis, chronic sprains and chronic strains. His private practice is located in the greater Kansas City area of Roeland Park, Kansas.  He collaborates in research with other locations across the country and internationally, and is licensed in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

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