Faith Encouragement: Transitional Species

Transitional Fossils Lacking Between Species


Evolution predicts the opposite of what we find in the natural world...

Evolution predicts that the fossil record will show many transitional fossils between one species and another.  Note that the definition of evolution (Stedman’s Medical Dictionary 26th edition Williams and Wilkins 1995) as "A continuing process of change from one state, condition, or form to another." Out of billions of fossils now found, we do not see anything that can realistically be called a transitional form between species; several hoaxes have been exposed. Instead we see only variation within a species. IE: Peppered moths remain Biston Betularia, finches are finches, and horses are horses. Change within a species involves only varying the expression of DNA already present. This is natural selection, not evolution. Natural selection is important in the intelligent design model as well, and was first proposed by a Christian scientist 28 years before Darwin. 


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