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It is important to realize that our office is attached to Dr. Reeves' home, so we are in a residential area.

The office is located in Roeland Park (KS) which is a small city on the Kansas side of the Greater Kansas City Area. 



Directions From the Kansas City International Airport on I-29: Takes I-29 South about 10 miles to I- 635 South (exit to right). Then go about 10 miles or so to I-35 North. (You will exit to the right but follow the sign for I-35 North). Then continue with the next set of directions...


Directions From I-35. Go to exit 232B. Turn to the south (the taller hill) and go up Roe Avenue. Turn left at the first light (Burger King), which is 48th Street. Go to the bottom of the hill through the stop light. Then you wind about as 48th becomes 47th street. One block later you will see Water Stone Apartments on the left (slow down since the entrance to El Monte is across from Water Stone Apartments). Turn right on El Monte.


Directions from 48th Street & Roe Avenue.   We are located at 4740 El Monte Street. There is a name plate hanging from the mailbox.  Note that we are halfway down a block-long cul-de-sac street that is accessible only from 47th street in a residential area.  If you go past our entrance, you are on a cul-de-sac street, so turn around and come back.


Arriving At Our Office.  You will enter through the office doors, by the wheelchair ramp.  Please park all the way up in the driveway if you park in either the single or double car driveway. Since it is a residential area, parking on the street is to be avoided to limit congestion. 

K. Dean Reeves, M.D. is a physician and medical researcher in the area of pain caused by arthritis, chronic sprains and chronic strains. His private practice is located in the greater Kansas City area of Roeland Park, Kansas.  He collaborates in research with other locations across the country and internationally, and is licensed in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

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