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Prolotherapy is a research-based field of medicine.  A variety of completed studies are available here.

For a full list of current research opportunities or to discuss possible research options, please contact Dr. Reeves.

The following listing of research gives a flavor of what type of low-cost (but high-impact) research options are available. 



  •  Inexpensive preparation of platelet rich plasma  (Beaver, Oregon).
            Primary investigator: Dr. Noel Peterson


RESEARCH IN PRE-PUBLICATION PHASE  (Co-Designed/Facilitated by Dr. Reeves)

  • Effect of dextrose injection on knee cartilage  (Rosario, Argentina).
            Primary investigator: Dr Gaston Topol 
  • Treatment of rotator cuff dysfunction by dextrose injection  (Vancouver, B.C., Canada).
            Primary investigator: Helene Bertrand
  • A study of how mannitol cream application may reduce pain  (Vancouver, B.C., Canada).
            Primary investigator: Helene Bertrand
  • Injection of dextrose in the caudal epidural space: An alternative to steroid epidural  (Hilo, Hawaii).
            Primary investigator: Dr. Liza Smigel


  • Deltoid-Triceps Entrapment Syndrome: Treatment by Dextrose Injection (Buenos Aries, Argentina).
            Primary investigators Miguel Slullitel and Ezequiel Mailand.
  • Temporomandibular (jaw) dysfunction study  (Hong Kong, China).
            Primary investigators: Drs. Regina Sit and Stanley K.H. Lam
  • Temporomandibular (jaw) dysfunction study  (Invermere, B.C., Canada).
            Primary investigator: Dr. Francois Louw
  • Temporomandibular (jaw) dysfunction study  (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
            Primary investigators: Drs. Miguel Zarate and Ricardo Frusso


K. Dean Reeves, M.D. is a physician and medical researcher in the area of pain caused by arthritis, chronic sprains and chronic strains. His private practice is located in the greater Kansas City area of Roeland Park, Kansas.  He collaborates in research with other locations across the country and internationally, and is licensed in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

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