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Training in prolotherapy is offered at a high quality level by...

  • The American Association of Orthopedic Medicine (
  • The Hackett-Hemwall Foundation through the University of Wisconsin, Madison (


Training in perineural injection is offered in most depth at courses offered by...


Technique Synthesis, PRP Production & Use, Ultrasound Use

Dr. Reeves practices a combination of prolotherapy and perineural injection, prepares PRP in office manually with full aseptic technique using a hood, and heavily utilizes ultrasound in both prolotherapy and perineural injection approaches for patients with particularly complex pain conditions.  For those who have already received quality training elsewhere and who want to work on synthesis of techniques, production and use of platelet rich plasma, and/or  the use of ultrasound to supplement accuracy of both  prolotherapy and perineural injection, Dr. Reeves offers one on one training. This training is without charge to those actively engaged as teachers in medical missions using these techniques or actively engaged in research using these techniques.  The charge otherwise is per day and reasonable. The training time will include an emphasis on evidence-based literature and on opportunities for research for those so inclined.   This training began in 2014 and physicians from from other countries including China, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Mexico have participated. Email for further questions. 

K. Dean Reeves, M.D. is a physician and medical researcher in the area of pain caused by arthritis, chronic sprains and chronic strains. His private practice is located in the greater Kansas City area of Roeland Park, Kansas.  He collaborates in research with other locations across the country and internationally, and is licensed in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

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